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iHolla brings to the users news, video clips of rap, hiphop, r&b, and soul. The best African, Caribbean and Latin radio stations are available in this section.

Utube video(WakaWakaShakira)

Crazy in love,Audio, Beonce


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TV &Radio Stations(R&B,Rap&HipHop, Classical,Jazz, Youtube ...)

Fuse TV

Asian Pop(

Utube video K Rowland, Lay it on me

Utube video K Rowland, Ghetto ft...

Utube video K Rowland(Down for whatever)

Utube video Beyonce, Countdown

Utube video Beyonce, Run the world

Utube video Beyonce, Ego

VEVO Rihanna(Man down)& vevo playlist

Live Music Video

Live Music Video Countdown


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Soul Beat Videos


Movies & Music Videos

Live Hiphop,UK,10am-8pm GMT

i'm lovin it,video,justin T.


Lionel,just for you.,audio

Usher, yea ,video

baby bash, suga suga ,video

2 Pac/Notorious BIG --'Running' to live,video

G-unit, Poppin them thangs,Video

In those jeans,Ginuwine,v


Me against the music,B&M,v

I'm a slave 4 u,Britney,v

ooops i did it again,Britney,v

baby one more time,Britney,v

Sorry, Ruben studdard,audio

Flying without wing, Ruben,Video

Making love, Kid rock,video

Bounce Along, wayne wonder,video

You Don't Know My Name Live,video

Fallin, Alicia Keys,video

A woman worth, Alicia Keys,video

Mariah Carey, Bringin' on the heartbreak

senorita,justin T.

This is how we do, Video, Cashmoney

Thoing song, Video, R Kelly

A Soldier's Heart, Video, R Kelly

IgnitionI, Video, R Kelly

Work it, Video, Beyonce


Fighting Temptations, Video, Beyonce

DMX, Who we be

DMX, Where the hood at

Christina A., lil Kim, Cant hold us down

Classical, Blues,&Jazz

African/Caribbean Music...


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New hiphop, BBC

Radio Haiti créole

Radio Kajou from Haiti

Shakira"que me quedes, Vid.


Tupac"one day at time, Au.

Ruben"sorry 2004, v.

Lil Jon & E. Boyz"Get Low, get low, v.

missy, gossip folks, video

missy, pass the dutch, video

Are you that somebody, Aaliyah

all i need, Aaliyah

Xtra hiphop, BBC

more Xtra hiphop, BBC

The Countdown

Grass Root

R&B and Zouk, St. Marie

Radio sud est, Martinique

Get addicted, E. Iglesias

Hiphop,reggae and R&B, Jamaica

Salsa, Honduras

African Music, Uganda

Latin music,Dominican R.

into you,audio, fabolous

industry,video, Wyclef

thoig thong,audio, R. Kelly

party to damascus,audio, Wyclef

Rap & HipHop

Michael Jackson, One more chance... --audio

Janet, son of god,Vid.

Enrique E., Not in love,Vid.

cheetah girls,cinderella,Au.

with you, Jessica simpson,video

Kelis, milkshake,Video

hilary duff, yesterday,Video

evanescence, my immortal,Video

Hey Yah, outkast,video

Hell Yeah, Ginuwine,v

take away, missy,video

one minute man, missy,video

get ur Freak On, missy,video

Pass That Dutch, missy,video

I'm really hot, Missy,video

Rain, Ashanti,video

50 CENT, SNOOP DOG... --P.I.M.Ps,Video

50 cent--Get Rich or Die trying

Ja rule--Clap back,video

Ja rule--how many wanna,video

Ja rule--mesmerize,video

Fabolous,cant let you go ,Video

Fabolous,trade it all ,audio

BLACK EYE PEA, Where is the Love,Video

G-unit, Poppin them thangs,Video

50 Cent--many men,Video

2 Pac --Thugz Mansion,Video

2 Pac --Dear mamma,Video

2 Pac --One day at a time,audio

2 Pac --'Running' Dyin' to live,audio

Benzino -- Rock the Party ///Click on media for songs

"Busted" Video,the Isley Brothers

"What Would You Do?" Video,the Isley Brothers

"Allnight long?" Video,Brian Mk&Nelly


Rap, HipHop & R&B

Baby, Video, Ashanti

50 cents -- Stunt 101

50 cents -- In da club

missy, gossip folks, video

missy, Work it, video

G-unit -- stunt 101, video

the voice within,christina aguilera,video

Dirty,christina aguilera,video

Beautifull,christina aguilera,video

Macarthur Baskets

Fighter,christina aguilera,video

Jay-Z -Change clothes- video

Jay-Z -lalala- video

Busta Rhymes -- Make it Clap

B2K--Bump, Bump Bump

B2K--Bada Boom, video

Black eye pea, shut up, video

senorita,video,justin timberlake

Chingy, Hollidae in, video

Chingy, Right thurr, video

Bubba, Deliverance,Video,

Sean Paul, Dutty Rock,Video,


50 Cent --Wanksta

"Shoulda...", Video,Brian McKnight,Video

Sean paul, Like glue,video

Ludacris, stand up

Ludacris, stand up,Video

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