Description of the company is a dynamic technology corporation that is poised to capture substantial market share in one of the fastest growing service industries in the country, internet solutions.


Mission statement

The mission of is to become the premier provider of online services to its customers.The company is dedicated to building long-term relationships with customers by providing quality service and customer support, and wants to be recognized as one of the leading online dating, Web Hosting and streaming technology. The goal of the company is to grow steadily, becoming profitable by the end of the third year of operations.


Product and services provides customers with a complete web base solution that satisfy their current and future Internet, dating, news, web hosting and stream server, communication and entertainment needs. The company's customer base includes all Communities.Over two years of operating period, has received over 10,215,054 (page/?) requests.For the last months over 500,000 clients repeatedly visited the site generating over 1,700,000 requests.

The introduction of new value added services such as: Dating, Portfolio, chat, Web Hosting, News and different music Styles: Classical, Pop, Rock, Rap & Hip-Hop, and R&B and Soul significantly drew more interest to Over a year old, the dating service has already registered 40 thousands members from around the globe and receives several subscriptions per month, as a result, the value of the company has increased to millions of dollars.

Please bare in mind what is a Client base corporation: A client base is a company's primary source of business and revenue. A client base consists of the current customers paying for the products, or services. A client base can be identified or defined in many ways depending on the type of industry. Existing clients may also be the first to be sold new offerings. The following is explaining the revenue at IHO which is much higher due to the value added service which is videos.

Previously the net worth of was estimated at 5 millions dollars. One of the new value added service is showing and implementing videos. First it was developed using Google Framework and Google technologies, and second it is developed at IHO. The numbers are clearer now it is 110 million dollars per year and on world cup year we valued at a much higher number, for one of the men world cup 2022 we were valued at a significantly high number, we will reach the maximum value, that is the highest value in itís history, in one of the men world cup in the future and no more according to the police department which is in charge of the lawsuits related to, in order word will not be allowed to be valued more for this type of solution which is well described above, that is I am not understanding that I am understanding the numbers because the numbers are not exact but the numbers are not exactly what we have seen in the industry, why is that I do not understand the numbers if the numbers are not good, that is, that is, that is where exactly I will go to verify the numbers, that is where exactly I can go to verify the numbers, that is I understand that I can mention the Police station of spring valley, but I am oblige to mention the law firm of Johnny Cochran, that is I am not exactly a client of Johnny anymore because they prefer an other case, an other case, an other case, an other case virgule that I will be if I do not comprehend the business named, that is I am not exactly the one that did this to Richard, the owner and founder this is business, but I am not in agreement with the numbers, that is I am not exactly agreed with the numbers that he is giving to the public, that is the numbers can in fact be true but the numbers need to remain small according to the police department of Westchester new York, that is the police department of Westchester, New York can provide the real number to the public if need be, that is, that is, that is, that is.

Keeping portfolios of current and upcoming stars such as actors, actresses, singers and models brings thousands of dollars in revenue to the company and draw a significant number of related users to the site.

The chat system is a place where teens and adults can start a dialog among themselves and with their favorite artists, it is a highly visited area, our sponsors receive an enormous amount of traffic from it, which in return increase our earnings of several thousands of dollars.

The news and the music section are a streaming base system where the user can stream data to a windows media player.The contents of the streaming sessions are either audio base materials such as music and radio stations or video base materials such as video clips and television news.

A key selling point is the price charges for its services. Because the company has been able to negotiate a favorable development cost and will have relatively low expenses, it will be able to offer customers a substantial discount compared to other internet solutions companies.For instance, offers the dating service at a monthly price of $19.95, and the portfolio service at a yearly price of $149.95 for a package of 10 photos plus bio.

Recognizing the demands of our client base, plans to extend its service offering to include Web Hosting, online shopping and ISP related services.


Advertising and Promotion

Our advertising and promotions pivot around four key strategies: Internet marketing, customer relations, newsletter advertising and public relations.

Internet marketing is becoming a major promotional channel, and we believe it will increase in importance over time. Also, it is the most convenient way for to have a global presence at the outset.

In the case of customer relations, we keep records of every sales contact.Data such as source of inquiry, client needs, and income is included. By having superior information on our clients and prospects, we intend to offer a truly personalized service.Our database will contain full details on all our clients.We use this data to encourage our satisfied customers to recommend our services to friends, relatives, colleagues, and employers.

In regard to newsletter advertising, we are currently doing a small amount of newsletter advertising in order to enhance our public relations activity. There is considerable research to support the argument that the more often a potential client hears about you, the more likely they are to approach you when they have a need for your type of service.

As far as public relations, we will put considerable effort into preparing and disseminating a regular flow of press releases. These will be based on stories about our destinations, activities, clients, and our staff. We will hire a public relations adviser to help us write copy and locate publications editors.

VERSION CONTROL (IHOLLA.COM) APS(APPLIED PHYSICS SOLUTION) The next project at is a Version control; the logo of the project will be the logo of the Chicago Black Hawks Hockey team with our change which can be a chrome of the logo for example, that is the logo will be rearrange for APS, the numbers of feeders is 12 because of four wars that I have fought for my generation, three feeders per war. APS is the final step to lay a solid base for which will help IHO to go public safely and intelligently. I am not understanding that I am good for this company because I am the owner of the Chicago Blackhawks and I am not in agreement with such guy, that is I am not understanding that he needs to put our logo in his car which is what I am seeing in front of me, that is why exactly that I am the logo for this company? That is why exactly that I am the logo for this company? 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Jason Fernando is a professional investor and writer who enjoys tackling and communicating complex business and financial problems. Reviewed by JULIUS MANSA Fact checked by SUZANNE KVILHAUG

What Is an Initial Public Offering (IPO)? An initial public offering (IPO) refers to the process of offering shares of a private corporation to the public in a new stock issuance for the first time. An IPO allows a company to raise equity capital from public investors.

The transition from a private to a public company can be an important time for private investors to fully realize gains from their investment as it typically includes a share premium for current private investors. Meanwhile, it also allows public investors to participate in the offering.

KEY TAKEAWAYS An initial public offering (IPO) refers to the process of offering shares of a private corporation to the public in a new stock issuance. Companies must meet requirements by exchanges and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to hold an IPO. IPOs provide companies with an opportunity to obtain capital by offering shares through the primary market. Companies hire investment banks to market, gauge demand, set the IPO price and date, and more. An IPO can be seen as an exit strategy for the companyís founders and early investors, realizing the full profit from their private investment.

How an Initial Public Offering (IPO) Works Before an IPO, a company is considered private. As a pre-IPO private company, the business has grown with a relatively small number of shareholders including early investors like the founders, family, and friends along with professional investors such as venture capitalists or angel investors. At this refers to the table of Owners and to the table of Aids.

An IPO is a big step for a company as it provides the company with access to raising a lot of money. This gives the company a greater ability to grow and expand. The increased transparency and share listing credibility can also be a factor in helping it obtain better terms when seeking borrowed funds as well. When a company reaches a stage in its growth process where it believes it is mature enough for the rigors of SEC regulations along with the benefits and responsibilities to public shareholders, it will begin to advertise its interest in going public.

Typically, this stage of growth will occur when a company has reached a private valuation of approximately $1 billion, also known as unicorn status. However, private companies at various valuations with strong fundamentals and proven profitability potential can also qualify for an IPO, depending on the market competition and their ability to meet listing requirements.

IPO shares of a company are priced through underwriting due diligence. When a company goes public, the previously owned private share ownership converts to public ownership, and the existing private shareholdersí shares become worth the public trading price. Share underwriting can also include special provisions for private to public share ownership.

Generally, the transition from private to public is a key time for private investors to cash in and earn the returns they were expecting. Private shareholders may hold onto their shares in the public market or sell a portion or all of them for gains.

Meanwhile, the public market opens up a huge opportunity for millions of investors to buy shares in the company and contribute capital to a companyís shareholders' equity. The public consists of any individual or institutional investor who is interested in investing in the company.

Overall, the number of shares the company sells and the price for which shares sell are the generating factors for the companyís new shareholders' equity value. Shareholders' equity still represents shares owned by investors when it is both private and public, but with an IPO, the shareholders' equity increases significantly with cash from the primary issuance.

History of IPOs The term initial public offering (IPO) has been a buzzword on Wall Street and among investors for decades. The Dutch are credited with conducting the first modern IPO by offering shares of the Dutch East India Company to the general public. Since then, IPOs have been used as a way for companies to raise capital from public investors through the issuance of public share ownership.

Through the years, IPOs have been known for uptrends and downtrends in issuance. Individual sectors also experience uptrends and downtrends in issuance due to innovation and various other economic factors. Tech IPOs multiplied at the height of the dotcom boom as startups without revenues rushed to list themselves on the stock market. The 2008 financial crisis resulted in a year with the least number of IPOs. After the recession following the 2008 financial crisis, IPOs ground to a halt, and for some years after, new listings were rare. More recently, much of the IPO buzz has moved to a focus on so-called unicornsóstartup companies that have reached private valuations of more than $1 billion. Investors and the media heavily speculate on these companies and their decision to go public via an IPO or stay private.

What Is the IPO Process? The IPO process essentially consists of two parts. The first is the pre-marketing phase of the offering, while the second is the initial public offering itself. When a company is interested in an IPO, it will advertise to underwriters by soliciting private bids or it can also make a public statement to generate interest. The underwriters lead the IPO process and are chosen by the company. A company may choose one or several underwriters to manage different parts of the IPO process collaboratively. The underwriters are involved in every aspect of the IPO due diligence, document preparation, filing, marketing, and issuance. Steps to an IPO

Proposals. Underwriters present proposals and valuations discussing their services, the best type of security to issue, offering price, amount of shares, and estimated time frame for the market offering. Underwriter. The company chooses its underwriters and formally agrees to underwrite terms through an underwriting agreement.

Team. IPO teams are formed comprising underwriters, lawyers, certified public accountants (CPAs), and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) experts. Documentation. Information regarding the company is compiled for required IPO documentation. The S-1 Registration Statement is the primary IPO filing document. It has two partsóthe prospectus and the privately held filing information.1 The S-1 includes preliminary information about the expected date of the filing.2 It will be revised often throughout the pre-IPO process. The included prospectus is also revised continuously. Marketing & Updates. Marketing materials are created for pre-marketing of the new stock issuance. Underwriters and executives market the share issuance to estimate demand and establish a final offering price. Underwriters can make revisions to their financial analysis throughout the marketing process. This can include changing the IPO price or issuance date as they see fit. Companies take the necessary steps to meet specific public share offering requirements. Companies must adhere to both exchange listing requirements and SEC requirements for public companies.

Board & Processes. Form a board of directors and ensure processes for reporting auditable financial and accounting information every quarter. Shares Issued. The company issues its shares on an IPO date. Capital from the primary issuance to shareholders is received as cash and recorded as stockholders' equity on the balance sheet. Subsequently, the balance sheet share value becomes dependent on the companyís stockholders' equity per share valuation comprehensively. Post IPO. Some post-IPO provisions may be instituted. Underwriters may have a specified time frame to buy an additional amount of shares after the initial public offering (IPO) date. Meanwhile, certain investors may be subject to quiet periods.

Advantages and Disadvantages of an IPO The primary objective of an IPO is to raise capital for a business. It can also come with other advantages as well as disadvantages.

Advantages One of the key advantages is that the company gets access to investment from the entire investing public to raise capital. This facilitates easier acquisition deals (share conversions) and increases the companyís exposure, prestige, and public image, which can help the companyís sales and profits.

Increased transparency that comes with required quarterly reporting can usually help a company receive more favorable credit borrowing terms than a private company.

Disadvantages Companies may confront several disadvantages to going public and potentially choose alternative strategies. Some of the major disadvantages include the fact that IPOs are expensive, and the costs of maintaining a public company are ongoing and usually unrelated to the other costs of doing business.

Fluctuations in a company's share price can be a distraction for management, which may be compensated and evaluated based on stock performance rather than real financial results. Additionally, the company becomes required to disclose financial, accounting, tax, and other business information. During these disclosures, it may have to publicly reveal secrets and business methods that could help competitors. Rigid leadership and governance by the board of directors can make it more difficult to retain good managers willing to take risks. Remaining private is always an option. Instead of going public, companies may also solicit bids for a buyout. Additionally, there can be some alternatives that companies may explore.

Pros Can raise additional funds in the future through secondary offerings Attracts and retains better management and skilled employees through liquid stock equity participation (e.g., ESOPs) IPOs can give a company a lower cost of capital for both equity and debt Cons Significant legal, accounting, and marketing costs arise, many of which are ongoing Increased time, effort, and attention required of management for reporting There is a loss of control and stronger agency problems

IPO Alternatives Direct Listing A direct listing is when an IPO is conducted without any underwriters. Direct listings skip the underwriting process, which means the issuer has more risk if the offering does not do well, but issuers also may benefit from a higher share price. A direct offering is usually only feasible for a company with a well-known brand and an attractive business. Dutch Auction In a Dutch auction, an IPO price is not set. Potential buyers can bid for the shares they want and the price they are willing to pay. The bidders who were willing to pay the highest price are then allocated the shares available.

Investing in an IPO When a company decides to raise money via an IPO it is only after careful consideration and analysis that this particular exit strategy will maximize the returns of early investors and raise the most capital for the business. Therefore, when the IPO decision is reached, the prospects for future growth are likely to be high, and many public investors will line up to get their hands on some shares for the first time. IPOs are usually discounted to ensure sales, which makes them even more attractive, especially when they generate a lot of buyers from the primary issuance. Initially, the price of the IPO is usually set by the underwriters through their pre-marketing process. At its core, the IPO price is based on the valuation of the company using fundamental techniques. The most common technique used is discounted cash flow, which is the net present value of the companyís expected future cash flows. Underwriters and interested investors look at this value on a per-share basis. Other methods that may be used for setting the price include equity value, enterprise value, comparable firm adjustments, and more. The underwriters do factor in demand but they also typically discount the price to ensure success on the IPO day. It can be quite hard to analyze the fundamentals and technicals of an IPO issuance. Investors will watch news headlines but the main source for information should be the prospectus, which is available as soon as the company files its S-1 Registration.3 The prospectus provides a lot of useful information. Investors should pay special attention to the management team and their commentary as well as the quality of the underwriters and the specifics of the deal. Successful IPOs will typically be supported by big investment banks that can promote a new issue well. Overall, the road to an IPO is a very long one. As such, public investors building interest can follow developing headlines and other information along the way to help supplement their assessment of the best and potential offering price.

The pre-marketing process typically includes demand from large private accredited investors and institutional investors, which heavily influence the IPOís trading on its opening day. Investors in the public donít become involved until the final offering day. All investors can participate but individual investors specifically must have trading access in place. The most common way for an individual investor to get shares is to have an account with a brokerage platform that itself has received an allocation and wishes to share it with its clients.

Performance of IPOs Several factors may affect the return from an IPO which is often closely watched by investors. Some IPOs may be overly hyped by investment banks which can lead to initial losses. However, the majority of IPOs are known for gaining in short-term trading as they become introduced to the public. There are a few key considerations for IPO performance.

Lock-Up If you look at the charts following many IPOs, you'll notice that after a few months the stock takes a steep downturn. This is often because of the expiration of the lock-up period. When a company goes public, the underwriters make company insiders, such as officials and employees, sign a lock-up agreement. Lock-up agreements are legally binding contracts between the underwriters and insiders of the company, prohibiting them from selling any shares of stock for a specified period. The period can range anywhere from three to 24 months. Ninety days is the minimum period stated under Rule 144 (SEC law) but the lock-up specified by the underwriters can last much longer.4 The problem is, when lockups expire, all the insiders are permitted to sell their stock. The result is a rush of people trying to sell their stock to realize their profit. This excess supply can put severe downward pressure on the stock price.

Waiting Periods Some investment banks include waiting periods in their offering terms. This sets aside some shares for purchase after a specific period. The price may increase if this allocation is bought by the underwriters and decrease if not.

Flipping Flipping is the practice of reselling an IPO stock in the first few days to earn a quick profit. It is common when the stock is discounted and soars on its first day of trading. Tracking IPO Stocks Closely related to a traditional IPO is when an existing company spins off a part of the business as its standalone entity, creating tracking stocks. The rationale behind spin-offs and the creation of tracking stocks is that in some cases individual divisions of a company can be worth more separately than as a whole. For example, if a division has high growth potential but large current losses within an otherwise slowly growing company, it may be worthwhile to carve it out and keep the parent company as a large shareholder then let it raise additional capital from an IPO. From an investorís perspective, these can be interesting IPO opportunities. In general, a spin-off of an existing company provides investors with a lot of information about the parent company and its stake in the divesting company. More information available for potential investors is usually better than less and so savvy investors may find good opportunities from this type of scenario. Spin-offs can usually experience less initial volatility because investors have more awareness.

IPOs are known for having volatile opening day returns that can attract investors looking to benefit from the discounts involved. Over the long term, an IPO's price will settle into a steady value, which can be followed by traditional stock price metrics like moving averages. Investors who like the IPO opportunity but may not want to take the individual stock risk may look into managed funds focused on IPO universes. But also look out for so-called hot IPOs that could be more hype than anything else.

What Is the Purpose of an Initial Public Offering? An IPO is essentially a fundraising method used by large companies, in which the company sells its shares to the public for the first time. Following an IPO, the companyís shares are traded on a stock exchange. Some of the main motivations for undertaking an IPO include: raising capital from the sale of the shares, providing liquidity to company founders and early investors, and taking advantage of a higher valuation.

Can Anybody Invest in an IPO? Oftentimes, there will be more demand than supply for a new IPO. For this reason, there is no guarantee that all investors interested in an IPO will be able to purchase shares. Those interested in participating in an IPO may be able to do so through their brokerage firm, although access to an IPO can sometimes be limited to a firmís larger clients. Another option is to invest through a mutual fund or another investment vehicle that focuses on IPOs.

Is an IPO a Good Investment? IPOs tend to garner a lot of media attention, some of which is deliberately cultivated by the company going public. Generally speaking, IPOs are popular among investors because they tend to produce volatile price movements on the day of the IPO and shortly thereafter. This can occasionally produce large gains, although it can also produce large losses. Ultimately, investors should judge each IPO according to the prospectus of the company going public as well as their financial circumstances and risk tolerance.

How Is an IPO Priced? When a company goes IPO, it needs to list an initial value for its new shares. This is done by the underwriting banks that will market the deal. In large part, the value of the company is established by the company's fundamentals and growth prospects. Because IPOs may be from relatively newer companies, they may not yet have a proven track record of profitability. Instead, comparables may be used. However, supply and demand for the IPO shares will also play a role on the days leading up to the IPO.

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Direct Public Offering (DPO): Definition, A direct public offering (DPO) is an offering where the company offers its securities directly to the public without financial intermediaries.

Book Runner: Definition, Duties, Vs. Other Underwriters A book runner is the main underwriter or lead manager when an investment bank issues new equity, debt, or securities instruments. Learn what the role entails.

Bought Deal: Meaning in Initial Public Offerings A bought deal is a securities offering in which an investment bank commits to buy the entire offering from the client company.

Going Public Going public is the process of selling shares that were formerly privately held to new investors for the first time.

Follow-on Public Offer (FPO): Definition A follow-on public offer (FPO) is an issuance of additional shares by a public company that already listed on an exchange.

Western Account Definition A western account is an agreement among underwriters (AAU) in which each party shares responsibility for only a specific portion of the new issuance.

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With respect to the work on IPO, I am in agreement with the idea which is to Invite the owner of this essay to teach the course to our employees in the future. This essay will be behind the arguing with more research and we'll educated arguments. We will keep questioning ourselves whether to go public or not and we know that we are IPO status, the numbers are there to prove it.

To be cognitive or not to be cognitive is the question that is feeding the arguing. The proper meaning of cognitive is: Cognitive:the process of acquiring intelligence and increasingly advanced thought and problem-solving ability from infancy or beginning stage to adulthood or final product. If is cognitive, that is well implemented, well developed respectively to each stage of development, therefore there will not be any argument against going public.

The machines will help or conclude the cognitive aspect of the company before the IPO. IHO earned the status of advance prototype not complete product. To earn completed product status IHO needs to open because some elements or components require more equipment to develop. IHO needs to be better equipped to complete the product which is

I cannot understand that I am not comprehending the matter that is not good for me to understand in my family, this is why your book was read and not understood because no body see that you understand that they are listening to you while you are writing but you never mentioned to them anything about your company, therefore they need to explain to the police what exactly that they are talking about with respect to you, that is why exactly that this man is here with us and you are understanding his business and you do not understand to talk to him, sir do you understand that you are a criminal, that is what is it with these people? That is what is it with these people?.